Shanghai smart manufacturing, Taybotech Innovation -- Taybotech appears in the 16th China International Expo

【China International Expo Introduction】


On June 24th 2019, the 16th China International Small and medium sized enterprises Expo is held in Guangzhou for three days.This Expo is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration of market supervision, the people's Government of Guangdong Province, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Ministry of international trade and industry of Malaysia.

Theme of this Expo focuses on "AI, Wisdom, Intelligent manufacturing and Energy saving" According to the expo idea of "solving difficult problems, expanding market and gathering popularity", the goal is to lead the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises. For the first time, the exhibition area for small and medium-sized enterprises with "expertized and innovation" was set up to display the latest achievements of high-quality development from more than 1000 national excellent small and medium-sized enterprises, who are vigorously advertized, and actively encouraged.

【Taybotech highlights of the exhibition】image.pngimage.pngimage.png

As a representative of high-quality innovative enterprises of Shanghai, Taybotech participated in the "expertized and special innovation" exhibition area of the China International Fair, displaying several major products of our company, which attracted the strong interest and wide attention, especially our main product parking air conditioning became the spotlight.image.pngimage.png

Taybotech was founded in 2010, foucusing on R & D, production and sales of environmental protection vehicle air conditioners. It has nearly 100 patents (including utility model, invention and appearance patents) in the field of vehicle air conditioners, has won the title of Shanghai high-tech enterprise for many times.Taybotech has leading technical advantage in the field of vehicle air conditioner field.

Strengthen product performance advantage and quality assurance

In the initial stage of product development, Taybotech has fully ensure the rationality of the design through CFD, FEA and other advanced design means, which strengthens the product performance advantage and quality assurance.

Provide experimental guarantee for product performance and quality

Taybotech. has complete experimental equipment: enthalpy difference laboratory of new energy vehicles, environmental simulation laboratory, air volume laboratory, electrical laboratory, vibration laboratory, environmental durability laboratory, salt spray laboratory, silencing / semi silencing laboratory, etc., which provides experimental guarantee for the good performance and quality.


Provide customers with high performance and stable quality products

Taybotech has a standardized production system to ensure the consistency of production products and provide customers with high-performance and stable quality products.


Taybotech constantly insist on "Taishan quality and platinum service, energy saving and environmental protection, technological innovation" coincides with the theme of this exhibition. In this exhibition, it not only displays the products and brands of Taybotech, but also widely communicates with many innovative enterprises. This exhibition is a complete success and harvest for us.

Extended reading

China International Fair has become an international exhibition with the largest scale, the highest specification and the widest influence in China, specialized in serving the development of small and medium-sized enterprises Since its establishment in 2004.It has made great achievements in promoting the exchanges and cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises in China and those in countries along the belt and road.


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